A well-designed garment is built to last. Gear that is built to last is better for the environment, but only with your help! With your care, our gear can last a lifetime, perhaps even longer. We create products that are easy to repair; we use materials that are tough and durable to increase their overall lifespan.

After tons of research and endless sketches, we create samples and do field tests until we are satisfied. This process isn’t short, but we won’t cut corners on quality and utility. We don’t look for quick fixes. We ensure our products are the best they can be with materials that last and have a low environmental impact, and design them with function in mind.. You will find gear you can wear for all your adventures for years to come.

What guides our design process, is where and how our products will be used. Whether that be on the harshest days on the mountain, or just another rainy day in the city, we aim to deliver everything you expect. 



Borealopelta’s exists to “innovate and inspire”. We define ‘innovative’ products as tools that are breaking the mold just outside of what we thought impossible. We believe in designing our products to be ergonomic for their intended environments. This allows our gear to provide value and reduce the cause of unnecessary environmental harm.

Our designers work hands-on to complete field tests for prototypes, assessing each and every component of our gear first-hand. They design innovative gear they use and trust within their realm of play. Being so close to and in tune with the mountains gives our team a sense of security when it comes to the finished product. We want our customers to know that they can put our gear to the test in any circumstance.


When it comes down to it, we need our gear to last as long aspossible and stay in play for years to come. Designing gear to last lowers the rate waste is brought to landfills, and encourages customers to be conscious about their consumption of goods. 

Incorporating a minimalist design approach we advocate production efficiency, recyclability and style longevity. Byavoiding unnecessary complexity we deliver exactly what works.