What's the worst that could happen?

Sketch books were getting full. Samples and prototypes taking up living space. Too much thought and not enough action.


How it started

Falling in love with the outdoors. Quality equipment is always worth it. Garments for all environments and adaptability to ensure no stones unturned.


In the deep end

From the start we didn't want to be like anybody else. In a crowded space with no where to jump. We jumped, and we knew no one was throwing us a life jacket.


We are Borealopelta

Born in the pacific northwest we constantly need to adapt to our environment. We aim to gravitate people to connection and community through envionmental experiences.

We design equipment to enable and inspire.

Forever Outdoors.




A hundred and ten million years ago an armoured creature thrived in its environment due to its defensive bone structure. Named Borealopelta (meaning “Shield of the North”) is a genus of nodosaurid ankylosaur from the lower Cretaceous, of Alberta, Canada. The specimen is among the best-preserved dinosaur fossils ever to be found. We believe Borealopelta’s name represents the meaning of evolution and adaptation. At Borealopelta we believe in propelling forward into the future through inspiring those to push the boundaries of innovation.