Clock was ticking

Sketch books were getting full. Prototypes and samples taking up space. There was too much thought and not enough action.

On the surface 

The thought of starting Borealopelta™, had been percolating for quite a few years. Falling in love with product design and the aesthetics behind all brands, but unsure if all the brilliance could be replicated.

New Direction

With clouded judgment and no structure, our initial launch did not go as planned and created a huge setback for us. Three steps forward and two steps back still had us moving in the right direction.

Our Playground 

As outdoor enthusiasts, we obsess over the idea of creating a better experience for ourselves. Born in the pacific northwest, blessed with the best outdoor environments in the world, we knew that we had limitless space to design and test our gear freely to be exactly how we want it.

We are Borealopelta

From climbing, trail running, skiing and so much more, we aim to gravitate people to transcendence through environmental experiences.

We design equipment to enable those who inspire.

everyday transcend.